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A Guide To Accounting Summer Leadership Programs


What is a Summer Leadership Program?

A Summer Leadership Program (SLP) is a 1–2-day conference hosted during the work week by accounting firms at their office and/or virtually. SLPs are designed for accounting students in their sophomore or junior year of undergrad, but this may vary depending on the program. You can expect SLPs to focus on career development, firm culture & opportunities, networking, and team-building events. SLPs are a great way to learn about your opportunities in accounting and get-to-know firms before accepting an internship offer.


Why should I attend a Summer Leadership Program?

SLPs offer you a unique opportunity not available to students at career fairs. During a SLP, you get to meet more firm colleagues (usually from different departments and staff levels), tour the office, ask questions in group discussions/panels, and possibly interview for an internship position. The main benefit to you is the opportunity to make a positive impression on the firm—making it more likely to receive an internship offer.


How many Summer Leadership Programs should I attend?

You only get so many opportunities to do an internship, and a SLP is a great way to pick where you would like to do one—so we say try to attend as many SLPs as you can! Obviously, do not overextend yourself, but be sure to apply to all the SLPs of your interest.


Rödl & Partner's ACHIEVE 2021: Summer Leadership Program

Our two-day program is designed to help you get ahead of the competition and jump-start your career. At our interactive program, we'll discuss what it means to start your career in public accounting with a special focus on enhancing your already proven leadership skills.

Dates: May 25th-26th, 2021
Location: Atlanta, GA and Virtual

You can look forward to:

  • Interviewing with our firm. We will specifically interview for Spring and Summer 2022 internships across all of our offices. Last year, we gave about 12 offers to our SLP attendees—proving this is the best way to secure your future with the firm!
  • Networking with Rödl & Partner team members. During our SLP, you will meet team members from different service lines (Manufacturing & Distribution, tax, Business Process Outsourcing, etc.), different offices, and different staff levels. You will have multiple opportunities to ask questions and get insightful answers from first-year staff, senior associates, partners, and more.
  • Engaging presentations and panel discussions. The topics of our presentations and panel discussions range from getting to know our firm, to learning about the career options in our field, to enhancing your leadership skills & applying them in accounting. Throughout the program, you will gain valuable insights, and hopefully, you will be able to picture yourself as part of the team!
  • Team building activities. Interact with Rödl & Partner staff and other SLP attendees while participating in leadership-focused activities. After the SLP, we hope you walk away feeling like you really got the chance to know our team at Rödl & Partner.

How to apply: You can apply here. Applications are open until April 25, 2021. Applicants will be notified of their acceptance by May 7th, 2021. However, candidates are accepted on a rolling basis and slots fill early, so it is possible that the program will be full before that date.


Have questions? Reach out to our recruiting team at careers@roedlusa.com


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