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 COVID-19 Tax Resources

​        Rödl & Partner is continuously gathering information on all tax

        information and updates regarding COVID-19. 
        For your convenience we provide recordings of our current online
        seminars as well as webcasts (in German).
        Follow all developments »


 Rödl & Partner Accounting Matters

Accounting-Matters-title.jpgRödl Accounting Matters keep you informed of new and amendments to current accounting and financial policies and principals promulgated by the Financial Accounting Standards Board and International Accounting Standards Board that could affect your current and future financial reporting. More »

 Rödl & Partner Tax Matters

Rödl Tax Matters provide a general overview of recent or planned tax law changes that may be relevant to you or your company in the United States of America. More »

 Tax Reform Specials

Rödl Tax Reform Specials include the latest updates regarding new tax laws and regulations in the United States of America. More »

 Auf einen Kaffee mit... (in German)

​           Unsere US-Bilanzierungs- und Steuerexperten beantworten

           Markteinstiegsfragen und beleuchten die Situation vor Ort.
           Erfahren Sie mehr »

 US-Business - Kurz erklärt (in German)

       Unsere deutschsprachige Webcastreihe erklärt aktuelle Themen
       aus dem US-Steuerrecht und der US-Rechnungslegung.
       Erfahren Sie mehr »


Elisa Fay


Partner-in-Charge Rödl National Tax

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Nico Swart


Managing Partner USA

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