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Treasury Management


For new U.S. businesses, one of the most important elements to consider is the implementation of effective internal control. With a limited number of U.S. employees, many Companies are unable to segregate accounting duties for effective internal control. Our BPO department can provide important support in this area by serving as an authorized party with the Company's U.S. bank for release of payments to vendors and other parties via wire transfer, ACH, or computerized/manual checks. Our processing and release of payments only occur after Company management's approval of those disbursements. Further, our BPO team employs the "four eye principle" as an additional step in the payment process after Company management's approval. If desired, the Company's customers can send their invoice payments to our local office address and our BPO staff will update your accounting records and transfer cash receipts to your bank. In addition, our BPO staff can update the Company's customer accounts receivable at intervals determined by management to maintain adequate control over the aging of customer accounts receivable. ​


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