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Month-end Reconciliations and Closing Procedures


​We will develop a closing routine for the business to be executed on a monthly or quarterly basis depending upon the needs of the U.S. business. We structure the closing routine to meet the reporting deadlines set by Parent Company management and assist in assigning tasks and target dates for input data which must be received from the U.S. Company to achieve these deadlines. This routine can include reconciliations of bank accounts, customer accounts receivable, accounts payable, employee expense reports, credit card statements, maintenance of prepaid and accrued expense accounts, and similar adjustments. When desired, we can assist with the training of Company personnel to assume these duties once the start up process is complete. 


Steve Cooper

CPA, NC license #31363

Managing Partner

+1 704 376 2145

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Jens Kaufmann


Partner, German Speaking

+1 212 380 9250

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