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​See how far you can go when you put your passion into practice

For self-starters who want to grow a great career and enjoy the journey, Rödl & Partner is the best of all worlds. You’ll work with some of the accounting industry’s top talent - nationally and internationally - challenging you to be a more skilled CPA and business advisor.


Great things happen when people come together to achieve something bigger than themselves. At Rödl & Partner, you’re more than a resource. You matter. Here, we don’t just send you off on your own and expect you to figure things out. We invest heavily in technology and training to help you with your personal development. Here, you’ll find partners who know your name and peers who are invested in your success as much as their own. Here, your talents are rewarded, not only your tenure. Here, you’ll find a community to invest in. Here, you’ll find you can be more than you imagined.


Find your future at Rödl & Partner as an Experienced Professional, Recent Graduate, or College Student. There’s no better place to fuel your passion, focus on international clients, build a stellar career, and enjoy the company along the way. We hope you explore our opportunities.



 Explore Benefits

We value our employees through competitive salaries and benefit options: the total rewards package. Rödl & Partner offers our eligible employees a variety of benefit options including: medical, dental, and vision coverage; paid time off; paid holidays; 401(k) contributions; paid transportation costs; long- and short-term disability coverage; life insurance and more. 

Thinking about taking the CPA Exam? Rödl & Partner will reimburse your prep course costs! Interested in on-going training and development? We have the tools to help you grow your career and maintain your continuing education needs.

Would you benefit from a different work space or schedule? We can be flexible to your needs. Rödl & Partner has a flexibility policy that allows our employees to be successful with their individual needs in mind. We want you to the set up for success!

At Rödl & Partner, we recognize that what matters most is our knowledge and ideas. Additionally, our employees enjoy the benefit of a “dress for your day” dress code that enhances our flexibility as a firm & still brings out the best in our team!

 Work with International Clients

We work with more than 2,500 closely held, foreign-owned businesses in the U.S. Our client base focuses on manufacturing, distribution, services and real estate industries. Most clients are based abroad and have a presence in the U.S., many having worked with Rödl & Partner for decades. This specialization in international business sets us apart, and it gives you an opportunity to work on big issues similar to a “Big 4” firm while maintaining that small firm camaraderie. The work is challenging and varied, and you will be involved at the highest level of international business.


Imbedded in our culture, Rödl & Partner is committed to building a talented and passionate professional services firm that achieves together. Here, every person counts. Every idea is valuable. Every colleague works together to achieve success.

On an individual level, you will be provided opportunities to take ownership of your career and achieve your highest potential. In terms of growth with our firm, your biggest competition is yourself. With your initiative, competency and collaboration, we have no doubt you will achieve greatness at Rödl & Partner. 

We achieve together. You won’t be alone on your career journey; every professional is assigned a career coach who will guide you along the way. We believe in regular “check-in” sessions to continually monitor performance and goals and fuel your passions. At Rödl & Partner, our open and entrepreneurial environment allows our professionals to grow and to be the best versions of themselves every day.

 Have Fun

​Our people are the heart of our firm. We depend on our colleagues to not only be accountable for their work, but to be accountable to each other. We believe, when you enjoy the people you work with, everyone wins.

At each of our seven U.S. offices, you will find unique professionals who exemplify the heart of our firm. The physical office might look different on the map, but the contents are the same. We are caring people. We care about our clients, we care about our professions, and we care about each other – from all levels of the organization.

We reward hard work and commitment and enjoy spending time with our Rödl & Partner colleagues through trainings, firm outings, busy season celebrations, holiday parties, team building events, and more. We have fun every day because at our firm, you can pop by anyone’s office for a quick hello and many colleagues share interests and friendships outside of the office.

 Become a Leader

​At our firm every person counts and every person has the potential to become a respected leader. We value individual perspectives which allows us to be a leading firm and an invaluable resource to our clients. You have the potential to demonstrate leadership skills from day one. The leaders of our firm exemplify our firm’s core values with ease by embracing responsibility, expanding technical competencies, valuing colleagues, having integrity, delivering quality service, being truthful and striving for excellence in all endeavors. 


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